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  1. Manchester City boss Manuel Pellegrini is still sweating on the fitness of David Silva ahead of Monday's Barclays Premier ...

  2. To celebrate the centenary of the Energy Institute (EI), the Northern Ireland branch recently held its annual black tie dinner ...

  3. Hollywood star Tom Hardy has confirmed he will play both Kray twins in a new film about the East End ...

  4. John Terry will hopefully complete terms on a new Chelsea contract "amicably" in the near future, according to assistant coach ...

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  1. Turkish President Abdullah Gul rules out a Russia-style job swap with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan but says he has no firm plans yet for his political future. FULL ARTICLE AT The Lebanon Daily Star

  2. Blue Jackets GM likes ‘relaxed-intense’ effort from Game 1

    They're not intimidated by the Penguins. FULL ARTICLE AT NBC Sports

  1. Like many families now, it’s not unusual for everyone to be using the wi-fi network at home at the same time. Game consoles, tablets, media players and smart TVs ... FULL ARTICLE AT Geek News Central

  2. New insights into how different tissues establish their biological and functional identities

    The cell is an immensely complex biological system involving a multitude of components that work together to drive the cellular machine. Identifying how all of the components fit together in ... FULL ARTICLE AT

  3. Researcher develops novel wastewater treatment fabric

    Each year in India, waterborne diseases sicken approximately 37.7 million people. One and a half million children die of diarrhea alone, according to a report by WaterAid. FULL ARTICLE AT

  1. A robot dives into search for Malaysian Airlines flight

    In the hunt for signs of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370—which disappeared on March 8 after deviating for unknown reasons from its scheduled flight path—all eyes today turn to ... FULL ARTICLE AT

  2. How mighty Jupiter could have changed Earth's habitability

    Is Jupiter a friendly planet, Earth's enemy, or perhaps both? For decades, scientists have talked about how the giant gas planet keeps some asteroids from striking our small world ... FULL ARTICLE AT

  3. Higher-order nonlinear optical processes observed using the SACLA X-ray free-electron laser

    X-rays are used extensively for medical imaging and airport security, as well as for examining the atomic-scale crystallographic structure of materials. Until recently, the high-energy x-rays needed to probe materials ... FULL ARTICLE AT

  4. Dutch student sells his data for €350, but at what price privacy?

    A dutch student has taken the bold decision to sell all his data at auction. It's a decision that should make us think about the future of our own ... FULL ARTICLE AT

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