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  1. Baker Iain Watters went into meltdown during The Great British Bake Off, losing his cool and hurling his Baked Alaska ...

  2. European leaders will discuss ways to continue the pressure on Russian president Vladimir Putin and ease the crisis in Ukraine ...

  3. John Lennon's imprisoned killer said he still gets letters about the pain he has caused.

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  1. Filed: 2014-08-27 AccNo: 0001140361-14-034312 Size: 31 KB Item 8.01: Other Events Item 9.01: Financial Statements and Exhibits FULL ARTICLE AT SEC

  2. Don't miss: Beth McKee's First Thursday Songwriter Series in Orlando

    WHAT: Swamp roots singer, songwriter and pianist Beth McKee escaped the Florida heat for much of the summer, but she's back in Orlando and ready to resume her First ... FULL ARTICLE AT The Orlando Sentinal

  1. Blake Shelton's new traditional vision

    Blake Shelton makes a mighty convincing cowboy in a new promotional video for the upcoming season of NBC's "The Voice." FULL ARTICLE AT The Orlando Sentinel

  2. MINNEAPOLIS (AP) -- Douglas McAuthur McCain, an American killed in Syria while fighting alongside the Islamic State, was part of a growing number of foreign fighters recruited to fight with terror ... FULL ARTICLE AT The News Journal

  3. After a summer of blockbusters the Labor Day holiday is often the turn of the film watching season into deeper fare, and one movie in particular is making a big ... FULL ARTICLE AT Chicagoist

  1. Police officers who opened fire while disrupting a robbery at a fast-food restaurant in Omaha killed a crew member with the TV show "Cops" as well as the suspect, who ... FULL ARTICLE AT Minneapolis Star Tribune

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  3. YORK, Maine — Board of Selectmen member Ron Nowell on Wednesday was among those submitting a petition to the town clerk's office supporting the legalization of marijuana in town. FULL ARTICLE AT

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