belfasttelegraph Monday, 24 November, 2014

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  1. Wales have been left with a hefty casualty count that could affect selection plans for next Saturday's autumn Test ...

  2. The wife of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has told a judge of her "extremely distressing" discovery that her father and ...

  3. The under-threat Ulster Orchestra has been granted £100,000 by Belfast City Council to help it out of its financial ...

  4. X Factor reject Stevi Ritchie has admitted Simon Cowell laughed when he asked the music mogul for a job.

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    Jeff Zrebiec, Baltimore Sun When the Ravens left New Orleans some 21 months ago, they had a shiny new trophy and an organizational game plan on how they'd remain ... FULL ARTICLE AT Real Clear Sports

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  2. CFP Breeds Plenty of Rhetoric

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  3. John Hughes ‘warned off’ for five years by Turf Club and fined €4,500 FULL ARTICLE AT The Irish Times

  4. Johnny Vegas is the star turn at the latest Saturday night comedy event at Just The Tonic’s Nottingham club, The Forum. FULL ARTICLE AT Belleville News-Democrat

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