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  1. TUV leader Jim Allister has said he will be writing to the PSNI Chief Constable amid recent revelations over MLA ...

  2. Two people have been charged with offences connected to the discovery of a fuel laundering plant.

  3. Jennifer Aniston played a prank during a radio chat which led to an extremely uncomfortable interview.

  4. Stars of BBC One drama Sherlock appear to have taken a trip through time as actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin ...

  5. Eva Mendes has revealed the unusual inspiration for her baby daughter's name - The Hunchback Of Notre-Dame.

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  1. TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) -- The golden horse statues have been awarded, but drama hasn't ended from one of Asia's biggest film festivals.... FULL ARTICLE AT Arizona Republic

  2. Bulgarian Cabinet Dismisses Nearly All District Governors

    Bulgaria's government has decided to replace twenty-four out of twenty-eight district governors. Only those in Plovdiv and Varna, the districts with two largest cities (except for the capital Sofia ... FULL ARTICLE AT Sofia News Agency

  1. (Reuters) - OPEC leader Saudi Arabia signaled on Wednesday it was unlikely to push for a major change in oil output at the producer group's meeting this week, a day ... FULL ARTICLE AT International Business Times

  2. You fought hard and you saved and earned. But all of it's going to burn... Review   Having a headline piece of consumer tech crash and burn in the US ... FULL ARTICLE AT The Register

  3. 'Penguins of Madagascar' are cute, but that's not enough to carry a film: Movie review

    From "Frozen" to "Big Hero 6," the bar has been raised on children's films in the last year. No one told the makers of "Penguins of Madagascar." FULL ARTICLE AT Plain Dealer

  1. Joshua Wong among 148 people detained as authorities move to clear protest site FULL ARTICLE AT The Financial Times

  2. 2 FBI Agents Shot, Injured in St. Louis Area

    Authorities: 2 FBI agents shot, injured in St. Louis area; unclear whether tied to protests FULL ARTICLE AT ABC News Radio

  3. EV in the TV
    Boise Weekly  11 minutes ago

    "In this car, I am getting 200 miles for the electricity cost of $3.70, the same price as one gallon of gasoline, which I think is freaking off the ... FULL ARTICLE AT Boise Weekly

  4. The Wrong Question
    Boise Weekly  11 minutes ago

    "This is exactly why we have the Americans with Disabilities Act;to counteract against stereotypical assumptions about people with disabilities." by George Prentice Don Dew was humiliated. Interviewing for the ... FULL ARTICLE AT Boise Weekly

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