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  1. A dwarf galaxy 500 times smaller than our own Milky Way has a giant dark heart, scientists have discovered.

  2. Chimpanzees and humans have one key trait in common - both are natural born killers, scientists have shown.

  3. Tens of thousands of people face the "monstrous" predicament of having to pay bills for water which is contaminated, Enda ...

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  1. Parliament could be recalled on Saturday if Scotland votes Yes and Cameron becomes the Prime Minister who broke up the Union

    The final result is expected around 7am on Friday morning, which means MPs could be summoned to Westminster this weekend for the most important speech of Mr Cameron's premiership. FULL ARTICLE AT The Daily Mail

  2. Avoncroft museum documents a century of the British phone box

    Avoncroft museum in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, has assembled a collection of every model of phone box to have graced the British streets over the past 94 years. FULL ARTICLE AT The Daily Mail

  1. Pucker up! Would you say Yes or No to a kiss from Alex Salmond as he launches final charm offensive to woo the undecided?

    As the First Minister embarked on his final full day of campaigning ahead of tomorrow's referendum, he seemed ready to plant a smacker on almost anyone's cheek, or ... FULL ARTICLE AT The Daily Mail

  2. David Cameron's bizarre joke as pressure mounts over Scottish independence vote

    The Prime Minister made the crass remarks at a Downing Street gathering last night as the polls showed Scotland’s future in the Union hanging by a thread. FULL ARTICLE AT The Daily Mail

  3. Vladimir Yevtushenkov placed under house arrest accused of money laundering

    Vladimir Yevtushenkov, 65, chairman of AFK Sistema, is being probed in Russia for obtaining shares in an oil company by 'criminal means'. FULL ARTICLE AT The Daily Mail

  1. 'British banker' quit to join ISIS because he hated 'being ruled by laws other than Allah's'

    Using the nom de guerre Abu A'ntaar, the man is said to have told Russian media that he hated 'being ruled by laws other than Allah's' and was ... FULL ARTICLE AT The Daily Mail

  2. 'Don't vote yes for the NHS': Top surgeons warn voters that Salmond has lied about future of health service

    Orthopedic surgeons in Scotland have signed an open letter accusing Mr Salmond of lying about the NHS in Scotand being privatised, because health is already a devolved issue. FULL ARTICLE AT The Daily Mail

  3. A star INSIDE a star: Scientists discover neutron star within a supergiant 200,000 light-years from Earth

    Astronomers have found a strange hybrid star using a telescope in Chile. The so-called Thorne-Żytkow object consists of a neutron star (illustration shown) swallowed by a larger red supergiant. FULL ARTICLE AT The Daily Mail

  4. Arrest made in burglary case of Paul George FULL ARTICLE AT #1 in College Sports

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