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  1. A 26-year-old man has been charged with the preparation of terrorism acts.

  2. Holidaymakers flocked to Northern Ireland's unusually sunny shores this summer for the region's stellar attractions in increasing numbers.

  3. A man who supplied the ecstasy that claimed a woman's life has walked free from court after the victim ...

  4. Meet Northern Ireland's luckiest 16-year-old.

  5. The second week of crisis talks on the future of Stormont has ended without a single meeting involving all parties.

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  1. BEIJING (AP) -- Twenty-one Asian nations signed on to a China-driven initiative Friday to create a new international bank for Asia that Washington opposes as an unnecessary and potentially damaging rival ... FULL ARTICLE AT The News Journal

  2. Standing ovation greets Canada’s hero

    The standing ovation began even before Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers entered the Parliament chamber in his black robe, carrying the golden ceremonial mace on his right shoulder. FULL ARTICLE AT Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

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  2. Death count at border reaches 15-year low

    The number of people who died trying to cross the U.S.-Mexico border has dropped to the lowest level in 15 years as more immigrants turned themselves in to ... FULL ARTICLE AT Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

  3. The Obama administration is preparing to transfer a military detainee in Afghanistan for criminal trial in Virginia, U.S. officials said Thursday. FULL ARTICLE AT Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

  1. A series of colorful, eerie faces painted on rocks in some of the West's most famously picturesque landscapes has sparked an investigation by the National Park Service and a ... FULL ARTICLE AT Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

  2. Dizzy, vomiting and struggling to breathe, 11 Iraqi police officers were rushed to a government hospital 50 miles north of the capital last month. The diagnosis: poisoning by chlorine gas ... FULL ARTICLE AT Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

  3. Ebola-themed Halloween

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  4. He seemed lost, did not fit in, had drug problems, and went more than five years without seeing his mother. In recent weeks, he had been living at a homeless ... FULL ARTICLE AT Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

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