belfasttelegraph Thursday, 17 April, 2014

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  1. Today in important Nineties nostalgia news, the eminently watchable Mrs Doubtfire is to get a sequel, with Robin Williams reportedly ...

  2. Former Australia international David Nucifora has been announced as the Irish Rugby Football Union's new performance director.

  3. An immediate evacuation order was not issued for the stricken South Korean ferry that capsized because officers on the bridge ...

  4. Peter Horne will start his first game for Glasgow Warriors since the play-off defeat to Leinster last May when he ...

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  1. Leslie Jack Smith, a Vietnam veteran became a citizen 35 years after being promised citizenship for volunteering to serve in Vietnam. FULL ARTICLE AT CBS News

  2. ok, closed short usd/cad after CPI...this move was not so deep as I d like but any profit is better as nothing... FULL ARTICLE AT

  1. ISLAMABAD, April 17 -- The Pakistan Taliban has announced the lifting of its self-imposed ceasefire as it blamed the government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for continued operations against them and ... FULL ARTICLE AT Peoples Daily Online

  2. PERTH, April 17-- Preliminary analysis of the sample from the oil slick collected by Ocean Shield has confirmed that it is not aircraft engine oil or hydraulic fluid, the Joint ... FULL ARTICLE AT Peoples Daily Online

  3. BEIJING, April 17 -- The Chinese Foreign Ministry on Thursday asked the Republic of Korea (ROK) to check the information of missing Chinese citizens in yesterday's ship disaster and find ... FULL ARTICLE AT Peoples Daily Online

  1. VIENNA, April 17 -- The European Union (EU) may fall short of some of its 2020 targets for economic development if it does not make greater efforts, the head of a ... FULL ARTICLE AT Peoples Daily Online

  2. Nigeria: incertezza sulle studentesse rapite. Il vescovo accusa

    L’incapacità del governo e il dilagare della corruzione stanno rendendo la Nigeria sempre più insicura: lo dice all'agenzia Misna mons. Oliver Dashe Doeme, il vescovo di Maiduguri, la ... FULL ARTICLE AT Vatican Radio

  3. Gli auguri del Papa per l' compleanno di Benedetto XVI

    In occasione dell’ compleanno di Benedetto XVI, ieri pomeriggio Papa Francesco ha chiamato il Papa emerito al telefono per fargli gli auguri, assicurandogli, informa una nota del direttore ... FULL ARTICLE AT Vatican Radio

  4. Unti con l’olio della gioia: Papa Francesco durante la messa crismale fa memoria dell’istituzione del sacerdozio. La pace è la vera emergenza: intervista di Nicola Gori al cardinale ... FULL ARTICLE AT Vatican Radio

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